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David Brener Attorney Fort Myers Lawyer

David Brener is a passionate, tenacious criminal defense attorney with over 30 years of experience. If you or someone you love has been charged with a serious crime, call David Brener attorney Fort Myers. With over 300 jury trials, 100+ murder trials and 26 death penalty cases, he is prepared to fight for your rights.

Your Freedom Depends on Your Lawyer – So Choose Wisely!

Being charged with a state or federal crime is a very emotional experience. Everything is at stake – your financial stability, your freedom and your reputation. Finding the right lawyer is very important as this will be the person defending you in front of the jury. Your freedom depends on this individual.

David A. Brener is a Florida criminal defense lawyer that has worked on thousands of cases. This includes 26 death penalty cases, with NOT ONE person being on death row. With his strong track record, the Law Office of David A. Brener has an Avvo rating of 10 and is recognized in the top 5% of criminal lawyers in the nation according to Martindale-Hubbell.

Types of State and Federal Cases Handled

David Brener Fort Myers lawyer has a great deal of experience working with state and federal crimes. Here are examples of the services offered.

  • Violent crimes. The most frequent criminal cases that go to trial are violent crimes. These crimes include murder, aggravated battery, aggravated assault, kidnapping, carjacking and felony battery. Stiff penalties follow these crimes, which is why you need the best – David Brener Fort Myers lawyer.
  • Narcotics offenses. If you’ve been charged with a narcotics offense, you need the highest quality representation. It’s possible that the search wasn’t valid under the Fourth Amendment. This could change everything about the case.
  • Thefts, frauds and white collar. Whether you were caught stealing from a retail store or you’ve been involved in a more serious money laundering scheme, David Brener attorney Fort Myers has the passion and experience to fight white collar crimes.
  • Sex crimes. Sexual crimes can affect every aspect of your life, from your freedom and employment to your reputation and relationships. David Brener has the experience and knowledge to fight charges of sexual battery, molestation or exhibition.
  • Firearms and weapons. There are two ways that a firearms and weapons case can be charged: the unlawful possession of the weapon and the use of the weapon in the case. David Brener attorney services can reduce these charges and keep you out of jail.

If you or someone you care about has been charged with a criminal offense, call David Brener attorney Fort Myers. Justice is our passion!